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There is one great lesson all on this earth need to learn from just these following  words regarding Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines.



And the lesson is what has happened to them all will one day happen to you also, but in uncountable worse and different ways through much greater suffering with absolutely no help from anyone on this earth –Period; and all that I teach is what God has been teaching me for over six years now with no input from other human beings making God’s truth for humans no different than a smorgasbord with a menu of truth liked by some and not like by others; therefore you can eat well through God’s truth to become as wise virgins being barley firstfruits, or pick and choose mixed truth with sound good deception as this world of religious wheat being the foolish virgins who will still be resurrected as firstfruits, but in their proper time so they become wise through great suffering, or just ignore all as the grapes who will fall under God’s wrath upon this human race.  Now is not the time for discussing the resurrections, but rather the faith all will need to endure what’s coming upon this planets entire civilization.

In devastated Philippine city anger grows, aid elusive.

By Manuel Mogato and Andrew R.C. Marshall

TACLOBAN, Philippines (Reuters) - Hung outside a shattered church in the Philippine coastal city of Tacloban, on a road flanked with uncollected corpses and canyons of debris, is a handwritten sign.

It read, "We need help!"

Relief supplies are pouring into Tacloban three days after Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded, turned this once-vibrant port city of 220,000 into a corpse-choked wasteland.

Tacloban city administrator Tecson Juan Lim says the death toll in this city alone "could go up to 10,000."

At least a dozen U.S. and Philippines military cargo planes arrived on Monday, with the Philippine air force saying it had flown in about 60,000 kg (66 tons) of relief supplies since Saturday. But the demand is huge and the supplies aren't reaching those who need it most.

"People are roaming around the city, looking for food and water," said Christopher Pedrosa, a government aid worker.

Aid trucks from the airport struggle to enter the city because of the stream of people and vehicles leaving it. On motorbikes, trucks or by foot, people clog the road to the airport, clutching scarves to their faces to blot out the dust and stench of bodies.

Hundreds have already left on cargo planes to the capital, Manila, or the second-biggest city of Cebu, with many more sleeping rough overnight at the wrecked airport in the hope of boarding flights in the coming days.

Reuters journalists travelled on a government aid truck which took five hours to pick up 600 bags of rice, tinned goods and milk from the airport and take it to a distribution point at City Hall. Thousands more bags were left at the airport because the truck wasn't big enough, said officials.

Pedrosa, the government aid worker, said security concerns prevented supplies from being handed out after dark.

"There might be a stampede," he said.

The aid truck was guarded by soldiers toting assault rifles. "It's risky," said Jewel Ray Marcia, a Philippine army lieutenant who led the unit.

"People are angry. They are going out of their minds."


The official slogan of Tacloban is "A City of Progress, Beauty and Love". But Typhoon Haiyan, known locally as Yolanda, has turned that on its head, as desperation and anger grow. Residents wait with increasing impatience for a trickle of aid to become a torrent.

Earlier on Monday, said Pedrosa, soldiers fired warning shots into the air to stop people stealing fuel from a petrol station.

A heavier presence of soldiers and police on the debris-choked streets has stopped most looting, at least for now.

People were still emptying one warehouse of rice and loading it onto carts and motorcycles. No police or soldiers stopped them.

A handwritten sign pinned to a makeshift police checkpoint near a looted department store warned of an 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew. Reuters was unable to confirm whether the curfew was observed or enforced.

Also cleared out is a bottling factory for beer and soft drinks. In some areas, Coca-Cola was handed out free while drinking water was impossible to find. Officials were warning residents not to drink water from wells, which were likely polluted.

But there is another reason the looting had abated.

"There is nothing left to loot," said Pedrosa.


Officials attribute the high death toll to the many people who stayed behind to protect their property and were swept away in a storm surge of water and lacerating debris.

One of them was Marivel Saraza, 39, who moved her six children further inland before Haiyan struck, but stayed behind to look after her home only a stone's throw from the sea.

She ended up battling through chest-high water to reach higher ground, while the storm surge destroyed her two-story concrete home.

"My house just dissolved in the water," she said.

Saraza now struggles to feed her children. The government gave her 2 kg (4.4 lb) of rice and a single can of sardines - barely enough for one family meal - so her husband was foraging for fruit further inland. But trees have been combed flat by the force of the wind and rice fields inundated with salt water.

Haiyan struck with a force strong enough to drown hundreds of people in a storm surge and send cars and shipping containers tumbling through neighbourhoods. All that's left of the main airport building is a carcass of twisted metal.

The sea has yet to retreat from some neighbourhoods and the streets are flooded. The bay is littered with half-submerged cars.

Some people are making shelters from what the water has left of their broken homes. Others, unable to find any flat ground amid the ruins, sleep on sodden mattresses on their roofs. Some 5,000 people sheltered in a stadium.

The streets empty at night, the ruins lit here and there by cooking fires, or scoped by the powerful lights of passing army trucks.

Rusty Lacambra, 42, is joining the exodus along with his wife, two sons and niece. On Monday night he hitched a lift in an army truck bound for the airport to wait with hundreds of others hoping for a free flight on a cargo plane to Manila.

"My house is destroyed," he said. "Even if you have money there is no food to buy. There is nothing here."


All readers can take those words however their heart and mind lead, some with great sorrow and others with so much concern they reach out in any way possible to help; however what’s most sad are giving donations with money that will never make its destination or purpose because of so many corrupted humans getting their pockets lined which makes the only 100% sure way being hand to hand in person; and my publi has a chapter on how a man from Hawaii personally used all he had to help those in Japan suffering from the tsunami and nuclear radiation while seeing none getting the helped they were promised through donations. Welcome to our world built by the father of lies making trust in others near impossible – unless they look to God as written in Proverbs 3:5-6.  published book 'Message for This Entire Human Race'

But sadly what none realize is that no matter who they are or where they are on this earth, their own time of disaster is coming according to God in many different ways with no humans anywhere that will help you; and for the past seven years God has been teaching me how to live on faith alone regardless of life’s struggles because when the greatest timesoftrouble come upon all civilization, only faith can become ones only way to survive.

We all live within a world ruled by our human nature which is guided by the god of this world; so says God in ways this world of believers refuse to hear because the father of lies has already planted his own ways into all minds; therefore when any subject becomes open for discussion whether it be the major typhoon in the Philippines, their actions in looting, people being tortured, massive worldwide child abuse in every inhuman way imaginable, [NBC] nuclear, biological, chemical weapons, wars, rebel violence, rapes, corrupt governments worldwide, corrupt justice system worldwide, corrupt businesses worldwide, corrupt banking worldwide, massive pollution worldwide from the oceans, lakes and river junkyards to the toxic soils all over our earth followed with badly contaminated air we all breathe to our man made junk yard still in orbit to our corrupt religions worldwide with all corrupt beliefs on this planet being uncountable from devil worship all the way to false worship of the only true God because it’s not through His ‘Spirit of Truth’ which is only given to those who please God; (Romans 9:15-18) therefore all that remains is a human race living within a false light filled with confusion and division while coming to its own end through the years ahead in very gruesome ways civilization really has zero knowledge of.

And it’s because the only true facts regarding this entire human race can come directly from our creator whose own words are not pleased with any on this earth (Psalms 14:2-3) other than the few called out of this world spiritually and mentally (John 15:18-21) because it is only those chosen who know truth and reality through their faith in every word of God telling of why human suffering, and why civilizations coming destiny in ways none, no, not one person understands. Read Psalms 14:2-3, 53:2-3 and Revelation 12:9 over and over until you know that God is talking directly to you in spiritual ways being truth this entire world of false teachers being pastors, ministers, reverends, or any human title including the Pope have never before taught within a totally misled and deceived human race.

I have over two decades of learning about God - but never a church member in my entire life and all alone without man made beliefs, theories, traditions, doctrines and their human knowledge coming from their human spirit created by God while lacking God's Spirit that can only be earned and given by God. (Proverbs 2:1-6)-(1 Corinthians 2) Read those verses if you truly want understanding from God rather than humans who have always been disobedient – (Jeremiah 3:24-25)

So what has my result in life been for delivering unwanted truth during these end times regarding humanity? I am not liked, not believed, scorned and persecuted (John 15:19)from a world of false brothers and sisters while just living day to day and barely surviving with my wife for the past seven years here in the Philippines -- and our heart goes out in prayer to all who suffer not only because of the typhoon, but with the addition of all human suffering worldwide due the pathetic rule of man -- and what hurts us greatest is having no way to help any when we can barely even help ourselves -- yet through our faith we remain strong with endurance because we know God has a purpose for our lives and has been preparing us to stand strong during the worst timesoftrouble ever before coming upon this entire human race spread out through the years ahead. (Matthew 24:4-14)-(Revelation 6:1-11)

Have you ever wondered why the words of our Lord were written to the seven churches in the book of Revelation?  They written for all of the different churches today filled with different ways, doctrines, beliefs and traditions while all claiming belief in God when not even knowing how Satan dwells within them all.

To the over-tolerant Church

“Write this to the angel of the Church in Pergamum: ‘These words are spoken by him who has the sharp two-edged sword. I know where you live—where Satan sits enthroned. I know that you hold fast to my name and that you never denied your faith in me even in the days when Antipas, my faithful witness, was martyred before your eyes in the very house of Satan.

Yet I have a few things against you—some of your number cling to the teaching of Balaam, the man who taught Balak how to entice the children of Israel into eating meat sacrificed to idols and into sexual immorality. I have also against you the fact that among your number are some who hold just as closely to the teaching of the Nicolaitans. Repent then, or else I shall come to you quickly and make war upon them with the sword of my mouth. Let the listener hear what the Spirit says to the Churches: ‘I will give the victorious some of the hidden manna, and I will also give him a white stone with a new name written upon it which no man knows except the man who receives it. (Revelation 2:12-17)-(Phillips)

Because God tells all believers how they must study to show themselves approved, open your Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, use your computer or just any way you choose for showing God our Father that you are true and devoted only for His truth without man to change it as if they are more wise.

Now search Balaam for all the verses to read in finding that he was a man of God through his lips, yet did what God told him not to do. (Numbers Chapters 22-25, 31-33) teach the way Balaam passed God’s first instruction according to His second; and what that means is God is no mind changer; in other words He does not direct and then redirect as if He made a mistake and changed His mind.

Jude 1:11 warns of Balaam’s error. 2 Peter 2:15 speaks of the way of Balaam. Numbers 31:16 shows the counsel of Balaam with Balaam’s doctrine above in Revelation.

How about the Nicolaitans? Exactly who were they and how do religious people today follow their ways?

The thing Jesus hated about them was their “deeds.” The word “deeds” is the Greek word erga, which means works. However, this word is so all-encompassing that it pictures all the deeds and behavior of the Nicolaitans – including their actions, beliefs, conduct, and everything else connected to them.

The name “Nicolaitans” is derived from the Greek word nikolaos, a compound of the words nikos and laos. The word nikos is the Greek word that means to conquer or to subdue. The word laos is the Greek word for the people. It is also where we get the word laity. When these two words are compounded into one, they form the name Nicolas, which literally means one who conquers and subdues the people. It seems to suggest that the Nicolaitans were somehow conquering and subduing the people.

Ireneus and Hippolytus, two leaders in the Early Church who recorded many of the events that occurred in the earliest recorded days of Church history, said the Nicolaitans were the spiritual descendants of Nicolas of Antioch, who had been ordained as a deacon in Acts 6:5. That verse says, “And the saying pleased the whole multitude: and they chose Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Ghost, and Philip, and Prochorus, and Nicanor, and Timon, and Parmenas, and Nicolas a proselyte of Antioch.”

We know quite a lot of information about some of these men who were chosen to be the first deacons, whereas little is known of others. For instance, we know that the chief criteria for their selection was that they were men “…of honest report, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom…”(v. 3). Once they had been chosen, they were presented by the people to the apostles, who laid hands on them, installing and officially ordaining them into the deaconate.


Like the other men, Stephen was of good report, filled with the Holy Spirit and wisdom. However, Acts 6:5 makes a remark about Stephen that is unique only to him. It says that he was “…a man full of faith and of the Holy Ghost….” This stronger level of faith may have been a contributing factor to the development recorded in Acts 6:8: “And Stephen, full of faith and power, did great wonders and miracles among the people.”

Stephen was a God-called evangelist, and he was later privileged to be the first martyr in the history of the Church – killed at the order of Saul of Tarsus, who later became known as the apostle Paul (see Acts 7:58-8:1). The deaconate ministry was vital proving ground to prepare Stephen for the fivefold office of the evangelist. The name Stephen is from the Greek word stephanos, and it means crown. This is worth noting, for he was the first to receive a martyr’s crown.


Philip was ordained with the other six original deacons. However, Acts 21:8 informs us that Philip later stepped in the ministry of the evangelist. He had four daughters who prophesied (v. 9). Just as the deaconate was training and proving ground for Stephen to step into the office of the evangelist, it was also Philip’s school of ministry to prepare him for evangelistic ministry. The name Philip means lover of horses. This name often symbolized a person who ran with swiftness, as does a horse – a fitting name for a New Testament evangelist who ran swiftly to carry the Gospel message.


Very little is known about this member of the original deaconate. His name, Prochorus, is a compound of the Greek words pro and chorus. The word pro means before or in front of, as with the position of a leader. The word “chorus” is the old Greek word for the dance and is where we get the word choreography. There is a strong implication that this was a nickname, given to this man because he had been the foremost leader of dance in some school, theater, or musical performance. There is no substantiation for this idea, but his name seems to give credence to the possibility.


This unknown brother was found to be of good report, filled with the Holy Spirit and wisdom. Other than this, nothing is known of him. He is never mentioned again in the New Testament after Acts 6. His name, Nicanor, means conqueror.


Like Nicanor mentioned above, Timon was known to be of good report, filled with the Holy Spirit and wisdom. Nothing more is known of him outside of Acts 6. His name means honorable or of great value.

Parmenas We know nothing more of Parmenas other than what is mentioned here in Acts 6. His name is a compound of the words para and meno – the word para meaning alongside and meno meaning to remain or to abide. Compounded together, his name came to mean one who sticks alongside and conveyed the idea of one who is devoted, loyal, and faithful.


Acts 6:5 tells us that this Nicolas was “a proselyte of Antioch.” The fact that he was a proselyte tells us that he was not born a Jew but had converted from paganism to Judaism. Then he experienced a second conversion, this time turning from Judaism to Christianity. From this information, we know these facts about Nicolas of Antioch:

  • - He came from paganism and had deep pagan roots, very much unlike the other six deacons who came from a pure Hebrew line. Nicolas’ pagan background meant that he had previously been immersed in the activities of the occult.
  • - He was not afraid of taking an opposing position, evidenced by his ability to change religions twice. Converting to Judaism would have estranged him from his pagan family and friends. It would seem to indicate that he was not impressed or concerned about the opinions of other people.
  • - He was a free thinker and very open to embracing new ideas and concepts. Judaism was very different from the pagan and occult world in which he had been raised. For him to shift from paganism to Judaism reveals that he was very liberal in his thinking, for most pagans were offended by Judaism. He was obviously not afraid to entertain or embrace new ways of thinking.
  • - When he converted to Christ, it was at least the second time he had converted from one religion to another. We don’t know if, or how many times, he shifted from one form of paganism to another before he became a Jewish proselyte. His ability to easily change religious “hats” implies that he was not afraid to switch direction in midstream and go a totally different direction.

According to the writings of the Early Church leaders, Nicolas taught a doctrine of compromise, implying that total separation between Christianity and the practice of occult paganism was not essential. From Early Church records, it seems apparent that this Nicolas of Antioch was so immersed in occultism, Judaism, and Christianity that he had a stomach for all of it. He had no problem intermingling these belief systems in various concoctions and saw no reason why believers couldn’t continue to fellowship with those still immersed in the black magic of the Roman empire and its countless mystery cults.

Occultism was a major force that warred against the Early Church. In Ephesus, the primary pagan religion was the worship of Diana (Artemis). There were many other forms of idolatry in Ephesus, but this was the primary object of occult worship in that city. In the city of Pergamos, there were numerous dark and sinister forms of occultism, causing Pergamos to be one of the most wicked cities in the history of the ancient world. In both of these cities, believers were lambasted and persecuted fiercely by adherents of pagan religions, forced to contend with paganism on a level far beyond all other cities.

It was very hard for believers to live separately from all the activities of paganism because paganism and its religions were the center of life in these cities. Slipping in and out of paganism would have been very easy for young or weak believers to do since most of their families and friends were still pagans. A converted Gentile would have found it very difficult to stay away from all pagan influence.

It is significant that the “deeds” and “doctrines” of the Nicolaitans are only mentioned in connection with the churches in these two occultic and pagan cities. It seems that the “doctrine” of the Nicolaitans was that it was alright to have one foot in both worlds and that one needn’t be so strict about separation from the world in order to be a Christian. This, in fact, was the “doctrine” of the Nicolaitans that Jesus “hated.” It led to a weak version of Christianity that was without power and without conviction – a defeated, worldly type of Christianity.

Nicolas’ deep roots in paganism may have produced in him a tolerance for occultism and paganism. Growing up in this perverted spiritual environment may have caused him to view these belief systems as not so damaging or dangerous. This wrong perception would have resulted in a very liberal viewpoint that encouraged people to stay connected to the world. This is what numerous Bible scholars believe about the Nicolaitans.

This kind of teaching would result in nothing but total defeat for its followers. When believers allow sin and compromise to be in their lives, it drains away the power in the work of the Cross and the power of the Spirit that is resident in a believer’s life. This is the reason the name Nicolas is so vital to this discussion. The evil fruit of Nicolas’ “doctrine” encouraged worldly participation, leading people to indulge in sin and a lowered godly standard. In this way he literally conquered the people.

God wants to make sure we understand the doctrine the Nicolaitans taught, so Balaam’s actions are given as an example of their doctrine and actions. Revelation 2:14,15 says, “But I have a few things against thee, because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balac to cast a stumblingblock before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication. So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate.”

When Balaam could not successfully cure the people of God, he used another method to destroy them. He seduced them into unbridled, sensual living by dangling the prostitutes of Moab before the men of Israel. Numbers 25:1-3 tells us, “And Israel abode in Shittim, and the people began to commit whoredom with the daughters of Moab. And they [the daughters of Moab] called the people [the men of Israel] unto the sacrifices of their gods: and the people [the men of Israel] did eat, and bowed down to their gods. And Israel joined himself unto Baal-peor….”

Just as the men of Israel compromised themselves with the world and false religions, now the “doctrine” of the Nicolaitans was encouraging compromise. As you are well aware, compromise with the world always results in a weakened and powerless form of Christianity. This was the reason Jesus “hated” the “doctrine” and the “deeds” of the Nicolaitans.

In this world of beliefs and religions today, all are false according to the words of our Lord this world of believers choose not to believe.


In this world today is only much unseen confusion when looked at while being a part of it; however when we become away from this world, thus seeing all things as written by God from a clear and true spiritual point of view while having zero association with any religions, traditions or human beliefs along with all the ways of humanity including corruption worldwide; all that can be seen is our coming destiny in ways so gruesome that none believe what God tells all; therefore I do have a message for this human race, but sadly most all people other than few will hear truth delivered in the same way [amongst scorpions] as Ezekiel Chapters 2 & 3.

May God be with you because the worst timesoftrouble ever before on this earth are coming upon one totally unprepared civilization; so say the words of God believers refuse to believe while believing themselves and this world of false teachers God warns them all to put no trust in.  - Which religion is yours when there is only one true God and only one true belief?  -True meaning of the word church is not a building for pagan ways and false doctrines.  - Published -‘Message for This Entire Human Race’ - Sacrifice through Faith  - Timeline  - Over 103,000 views of my writings.  - New World Order - Me   - A favorite Tune

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