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Life as an American in the Philippines through the Past Six Years.

There was a time when I had a life allowing me to have much in ways of a fine home on nearly 4 acres, in ground pool, repair and paint shop, much tools, equipment, muscle cars, pickups, 5th  wheel camper and much more being as a highwayman welder/millwright from job to job nationwide including Iraq and Kuwait with only one object always missing from my life called purpose; and it was because as a child I had no parents as meant to be leaving zero upbringing in human education, responsibilities, religions or just the ways of life; and what begins our existence from birth can and will follow most through decades leaving a trail of ignorance with foolish mistakes in every direction, and for many it was all because there was no preparation or lead in their mind towards what life really is; therefore my entry was through being totally unprepared without knowledge -- and when our new life as an adult begins through being married at 21 to a woman with three children freshly divorced while still being mentally unstable, only thirty years of hardship filled with unhappiness and incomplete marriage was the result even though much of my spare time through over a decade was spent reading the Bible with wanting to know more about God, this world and the human race.

That was my first life being over five decades followed by God’s plan bringing me into another life with only Him as my teacher.

In December 2006 I landed in the Philippines via one way ticket from Chicago with just over a thousand dollars to begin a new life in ways I had zero knowledge of, but for a purpose that I would slowly learn through the following years leading me to this day 9/16/2013.

So how does God teach those uneducated in reality and spiritual truth? He shapes and molds them individually being the potter along with chastisements as a loving Father being the only way in teaching truth as those chosen become a living sacrifice for God while enduring everything they suffer through faith because they know God has a purpose that He will reveal in His time.

When I met Mylene in person she was 33, still untouched being a pure virgin, full of strong faith in God with no vices in any way and a preschool teacher at a Southern Baptist Church with her full life past being one of extreme poverty which made her into a faith filled fighter for survival and gains through life; and because of her faith and caring heart for others, she was a young woman who was unknowingly being directed by God when we first met online followed by meeting in person early morning at the port of Dumaguete when my Ferry arrived from Manila on March 21st 2007.

Because we had been in contact online for almost two months she knew well that I was a man who had nothing to offer her with zero income, drank a lot of beer, smoked cigarettes and had many vices, yet she just accepted me for whom I was because the only thing about me she was sure of was the fact that God was planted deep within my heart; therefore our beginning was in one room she had rented for us in a shack with no water, no ceilings, no glass windows and just a roof with our bamboo bed with a piece of foam she had bought on credit for our mattress in one very tiny room; and the monthly cost was 700 peso plus electricity for a light bulb and my laptop with no Internet, so about $13 dollars being not easy to pay.

In six days from when we met was Mylene’s birthday on March 27, and being I was already broke and had nothing, I took my ring with a bit of gold and small diamond to a pawn shop and got 5000 peso being about $100 dollars; and that was my only means of income over six years ago.

From the first day when we met our life together has been a constant struggle in so many ways that a book would be required to fit all the details; so for this writing I will just try briefly as possible share how God has been preparing me for these end times coming upon all humanity through almost seven years of being completely alone regarding God's truth through His Spiritual direction other than my wife meaning no deep spiritual conversations on human destiny.

When we met Mylene left her job which paid about 1500 peso or $30 per month because we both felt that us living together and not yet married was not biblical, we wanted to be married, but just had no funds placing us in the wait, so she continued doing tutorials where we lived while I was in a mental and spiritual struggle because there was just no work, no life and absolutely nothing to do other than a nearby Internet café which cost 20 peso an hour or about 40 cents; and by God’s grace my uncle Bill now in his 80’s began to help us with small amounts allowing us to move out of where we lived into a small rental home in Bacong at the cost of 1500 per month or about $30 plus electric that stayed near 1000 peso; and that was our beginning in what we called our own home being as a shoe-box in size with a hollow block wall right behind and homes almost on top of us with no room or privacy, yet we were happy with thanks to God because it was so much more than what we had.

At that point Mylene was still doing tutorials and I had found some mechanical work to do for a Frenchman on his transportation and motor bikes, and on some good days I could earn as much as ten dollars, but because of many health reasons along with an old head injury that took a small portion of my brain, half days in the hot sun for $5 was my average.

Another good part of Bacong was my constant use of the Internet where I would copy much from religious writings while also putting out resumes worldwide with at least 700 requests through KBR alone because I wanted back into Iraq, Afghanistan or just anywhere on this planet doing any kind of work at all, and by August 2007 I became so desperate to earn that I was willing to go back to the USA, but had no funds, owed much on my passport visa along with a long time circle of problems with the US  embassy proving just how worthless they really are, so even with help from my uncle in sending a thousand dollars, going to the embassy in Manila while having to wait in a hotel all for nothing but a return to Bacong near broke again and being right back to where I was -- but with two good items Mylene and I had never before owned being a 13 inch TV and a very small refrigerator because ub [Uncle Bill] helped us.

When February 2008 arrived, with thanks to Uncle Bill again, we were able to move being walking distance to a home for 2000 peso or $40 a month.

And on the first day in our home while still moving through legs and back use along with some help, Mylene got a text from DepEd regarding the promo teaching she had done back in the fall, and she was hired as a grade school teacher being one of the best jobs for security here in the Philippines; however it took almost a year before she even received her first pay; therefore we lived on much credit as always for fish, rice, instant coffee, basic needs and even credit at the Internet café where I studied God’s truth, wrote to brethren, sisters and religious organizations while still sending resumes all over this world along with what local mechanical work I could do including looking for any work with none to be found, especially for a foreigner when many Filipino's had no work.

During 2008 I set aside days to just read non stop such as the150 chapters in Psalms while always traveling all through the words of our Lord seeking truth with understanding; and without fail for almost seven years now, Mylene and I would always pray for God’s help while knowing that without Him we were nothing, and at one time I was hired for a position in the Caribbean by the owner of an equipment repair shop who sent us $500 as a gift and was willing to pay my transportation, visa costs and more . . . but God just put a stop to it because where I was with all our difficult circumstances in life is where He wanted me to be in order to learn genuine faith with depending on only Him; and in November I wanted so badly to be closer to God that I just walked away from beer and 38 years of smoking to never return or even miss them lung killers along with one full year of no beer.

When January 2009 came, so did a box weighing 100lbs sent by my uncle Bill; and it was full of miscellaneous  tools, nuts, bolts, screws of many kinds, hinges, tapes, a drill with bits and just all sorts of whatever needed for basic home and mechanical repairs, and to this day I still have some items left while never forgetting just how kind ub was from his heart with his intent proven.

When Mylene finally did get paid, we owed so much that it was gone before she got it, but because Mylene was now in the system she could get teacher loans that were automatically deducted from her monthly pay; and with her first loan she was able to buy a 150 Kawasaki Furry being her means of transportation to work rain or shine along with a used computer and the cost of smart wireless Internet at $20 per month so I could finally get online to write and study without having to walk to the Internet cafe and time on credit.

Within days after the purchase she became filled with so much pain that one of our neighbors was kind enough to drive us to Dumaguete where Mylene had to be put into a hospital because of UTI; and I stayed right there with her for almost a week, and just as always my Bible was with me in ways I could not be without it ever since 1994, and because we had no funds to pay, I was depending on God to help us, and God did, but not through any of the religions of man where I had been seeking any help at all no matter how small since January of 2007 with none ever coming, but through aidpage a man loving God and others sent what we needed being about $300 to pay the hospital, doctor and medications with some left over for food.

Because of our rough start in the spring of 2009, the entire year was just a daily fight with uncountable hard times I will not even detail, but as time passed Mylene was able to get another loan for a lot next door being the start of our dream home; and in March 2010 when our funds were gone, Sonja Callarman shared her love through faith by sending us a thousand plus dollars being enough to continue the building of our home; and its God working through others because kind and genuine caring hearts please Him very much.

In August of 2010 when we were finally able to move into our unfinished dream home, we still had no water or electricity, and our neighbor for over two years that sold us the lot would not even let us run an extension cord or water hose from his home; and they have always sang christian music loud every Sunday morning all the years we were next to them just as religious hypocrites knowing not God who is love; and our previous landlady became so cruel in words to Mylene for no reason that when she came to me, she just broke down and cried out to God with tears asking that He punish that evil woman – and within a week she had a stroke and never bothered us again.


At this time there was another blessing from God being funds greatly needed coming from Churinga being a good man and the administrator of I Am Christian website in experience project; [] but when Satan turned his mind against me, help from him stopped and I became an author of the devil whom he has only falsely judged and scorned to this day with absolutely no care, no love, no kindness and zero knowledge of God according to God’s own words he refuses to believe while teaching all his own beliefs through his own human spirit rather than God’s Spirit of truth as written in 1 Corinthians 2; and I never judge or argue because people know not what they do; therefore I only believe what God says and never man.

When December came, Mylene got another loan so that we could go and visit her parents in another part of the Philippines; and just to see the way they have always lived was a heart-breaker giving me more great thanks to God for whatever we did have as little as it may have been.

2011 was a continuation of prior years as we prayed always, kept our faith, lived much on credit because of all her loan deductions leaving less than $100 per month with little to eat and just knew God had a purpose; yet when fall came we were hit hard with another blow that was not easy to deal with because once again Mylene had to go into the hospital, but this time she had double pneumonia with the cause being her weak heart under 40 years of age while also being a very small woman; and once again I stayed with her the whole time night and day just as before, and in the same way we had just no way to pay her medical bill, so she had to get another loan, and did it from her hospital bed via text with the loan officer coming to her; and as hard of a blow that was because it hit us so hard, we still kept our faith in God Almighty because we just knew better things would come, but in God's time and not ours.

When she was released, we walked across the street and just sat in the park to talk; and Mylene said through tears that she really thinks she is going to just die because of our life with nothing right and her health with everything wrong; and within a couple of days I got these following words from someone I had met online; and I will hear that small voice after the 31/2 years being the beginning of sorrows in Matthew 24 and Revelation 6 to direct me prior to great tribulation because I have almost no true brethren led by love from the Father in this misled civilization.

Now you can take those words any way that you please because they were not written for you; however spiritually speaking they have a great meaning to me because a stranger spoke words he had no way of knowing regarding my life.

Shortly after in October 2011, 39000 peso [$400] came from the same man that sent those words you just read; and at the time we had near nothing because all borrowed was used to pay medical expense plus the fare for her mother and father coming to stay with us so they could be a help with Mylene’s physical condition not only through their efforts with hands knowing how to ease pain, but much very strong prayer from Joshua her father who has always been a very strong man in religion while not believing in pagan ways or holidays worldwide; and because Mylene was suspended from work with no pay until the doctors released her; and our home was so small that her mom and dad slept outside under the front leaf roofing where I put up bamboo matting [amakan]  for walls leaving them a bamboo bed without even a pad as their home for the next two months, but they were happy just to be with us because they have never had much more through their 80 years of life.

When November of 2011 came, God made a major move in our life through a non-religious man, but a believer in his 70's who cares about others through far more than words alone; and what he did was a money transfer into Mylene's  bank account being over 300,000 peso; and it was our greatest blessing since the day we met, so we used some money to pay off a 100,000 loan, buy a new computer rather than our used one that had only 1 percent free space and many other problems, a 1998 KIA, our first clothes cabinet, home upgrades along with some needs of her parents.

When December came there was a major typhoon bringing floods which left many homeless, and right away I thought of a couple with two daughters in a nearby very low area next to the river; and even though our funds were near gone, we gave them 5000 peso so they could buy the needed bamboo for a home on higher ground, plus many more helps making it closer to 10,000 peso while never seeing them again unless we have more money to give; and this man is over flowing with lips praising God always being as many religious people God describes.

On December 23th I was enjoying a beer by myself as always when some man walked in reminding me of ZZ Top, so even though I was about to leave I decided to just exchange a few words with him because he seemed the friendly type; through our conversation we got on the subject of work, what we do and our experience, then he said I will give you an email where you can send your resume to a company that pays well.

When I got home I did just that, and one week later I got a call on my cell phone from Robbie, the man over all equipment saying that the company could use me, so near the end of January I was emailed a plane ticket to Manila.

As it turns out I was hired by QED as a mechanical supervisor with pay being 300,000 peso a month with room and board, transportation flights and all expenses; now prior I would get a 1000 peso loan at 20 percent interest that could take two months to repay, and a thousand peso is only about $20; therefore 300,000 per month turns a poor man into a millionaire in less than six months when living conservatively.

This link below shows where money earned can go towards caring about others along with much truths from God regarding love never taught in the religions of man worldwide; and the subject has been deeply written about using scripture all through my hundreds of writings.

With what I have shared including links, much has been said regarding me and my wife with God as our only source for inner peace through these past years because to this day we barely get by while still getting our electricity via wires from the sellers home; and that is because Barangay captains here in the Philippines being as local politicians for their areas have well proved that they can do nothing but word promises with zero action and absolutely no care or effort because after purchasing our lot with storage building made into our home in May of 2012, we still need our own power; and Noreco the power company is no better than Barangay captains because they just ignore needs of even elementary school teachers; therefore we need our own generator with a cost of 16,000 peso or about $500.

We have never owned a vacuum cleaner, wheelbarrow, lawnmower, good hand tools for mechanical work nor to much of anything else including the twenty dollars required for just taking my wife who I love very much out to dinner one a week, and if I had a small air compressor I could at least paint vehicles for a small income, and if I actually had a small truck filled with misc tools and supplies like I had in America along with a pressure washer, I could earn a small income while also just helping some others in great need having problems with water, electricity, roof leaks and other problems.

The whole point of my life is gaining a direct understanding from God through seeing what Paul suffered, Job and all men of God while knowing the same could very well happen to me during the sorrows coming upon this entire human race; and my book published a year ago no one yet buys has information all need to know.

Aside from just the hardship of being without money just as billions of others, when I have to see all the pain my wife still must endure very often through her eyes that reveal just how much she greatly suffers all through her tiny body, she will ask me to pray or I will just make the move myself because we both know that when heartfelt prayers are made while reminding God of His own promises of love and concern that He will answer; and many times God has taken away the suffering of my wife while teaching me the value of true faith with obedience through a proper hearts intent that cannot lie as so many lips do when nothing can be hid from God.

What all people need to know is that when the worst timesoftrouble that have ever been come upon this entire human race with no food, no water, chaos and death everywhere, only God can be ones supplier.

“The Lord watches over those who obey him,
    those who trust in his constant love.
He saves them from death;
    he keeps them alive in times of famine. (Psalms 33:18-19)

It’s only those whom can listen to only God while disassociating themselves from the ways of man in this completely misled human race. . .

“If you refuse to listen to the cry of the poor, your own cry for help will not be heard. (Proverbs 21:13)

Because what you do for others is exactly what God is going to do for you in these coming hard times on this entire human race..


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